The Core Technology of Senscan.
Manufacturing Technology for the Smart Phone Sled Type Device

Senscan has the manufacturing technology of Hardware/Firmware/App(iOS, Android) for Sled-type AIDC(RFID, Barcode, etc) to fit Android and iPhone. Especially in case of iPhone, Senscan is MFi licensee for manufacturing Apple official accessories and has the protocol technology for iAP2 certification.

RFID Technology

Senscan has the technology of NFC and UHF RFID Reader(ISO/ICE18000-63) and manufactures a variety of products. In particular, the project to register new RFID protocol built by Senscan as international standard(ISO/ICE18000-65) is in progress with support from Japanese company and government.

Barcode Technology

Senscan has the light weight technology for 1D and 2D Barcode reader as MFi licensee. MFi is the abbreviation of “Made For i” that is the license program of hardware and software for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

RTLS Technology

The indoor GPS technology, RTLS technology has been realized by using UWB and 2.4GHz ISM Band non-standard protocol. The combination of RTLS and AIDC technologies such as RFID, Barcode provides the ID Tracking Solution for logistics distribution.

*RTLS(Real Time Locating System) has various kinds of technologies such as ToA, TDoA, AOA and so on. And it is the technology improved from the disadvantage of GPS, the low reception rate indoors.

Android Wearable Device Technology

We secured Android Wearable Watch Technology. And the related products are currently under development. The Android Fit is equipped with owned Camera barcode and available to extend to the finger Barcode, Wearable RFID by using Extend connecter.

Technologies to be developed
ROS(Robot OS)

As ROS is an open source meta operation for Robot, it implements the hardware abstraction, low-level device control and frequently used functions that are provided in the general OS. It also provides the message delivery between processes and package management. In addition, ROS provides some tools and libraries to acquire, build, write and execute code for operating multiple computer systems. Senscan is planning to develop the autonomous Robot that analyzes the data collected from the Sensor and controls the Robot base.


To drive the Robot, it is required to collect data of the surrounding environment. And the sensor is to collect the data. In case of Radar for Robot, MIMO antenna will be applied and can detect the objects without physical spin. The detection range of Radar is similar with Lidar. But at night, it shows the better performance than Lidar. Ultrasonic sensor is the cheapest way to detect objects. In general, it is being used for the rear detection sensor of automobile. The detection angle is so wide that we are going to use it for emergency stop.


RFID technical standard, Senscan main item, can be classified according to frequency. And it also can be classified into NFC(HF) for short distance communication which is generally used for credit & bus card and UHF for long distance communication.